Does your car or home embarrass you?

If you want wealth, you need to be doing what wealthy people do. The truly rich are not making money, they are attracting money. But do you know what they are doing that you are not?

If you don't learn this timeless system for success, you will probably drive an embarrassing car or live in an embarrassing home forever.

This system is based on timeless principles for attracting abundance, research into the behavioral and thought processes of really rich people and what countless others have claimed were their keys to success. Presented in an easy to implement series of solutions and actions, there are 90 minutes of video training, which includes three guided hypnosis processes to help you polarize your wealth magnet!

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Attack the lack!

Over 90 minutes, in four videos, of actionable strategies teaching you the behavioral strategies that can lead to wealth. Other people are not smarter or luckier than you. Why then, are they more successful? Chances are it is because they know how to manifest success in a way that works.

Start with Nothing

Unless you inherit big money, being wealthy is going to be something that is learned. New attitudes about money, how to implement the Law of Attraction, ways to manage, invest and risk money are all something that people need to learn. These videos show you exactly how to do this. You will also need to learn how to start with nothing and end up with something. Do you know how to do that? These videos will teach you!

Here is what is in the full four-part 90 minute program:

You will find the answers here, and discover what other people are doing differently than you, and how you can change your life and embrace wealth and prosperity in every area.

  • Steps I Took

    I am sharing my secrets from both my personal journey and working with others. I was not born rich. I did not go to school for business or finance. I have had to learn these things on my own, and more importantly, how to apply these systems. I want to share these strategies with you so you can benefit.

  • Law of Attraction

    How come the “law” seems to work for others, but never for you? It is probably because on of your lacks, is the knowledge you need to activate this law. Manifestation is not magic, it is action,  and how to make the principles such as “like attract like” a daily part of your life.

  • The Seven Lacks

    There are 7 areas of life where people who struggle seem to lack fulfillment. Once these are revealed, it is easy to identify what obstacles are standing in your way and to propel past them and into success. Look around you. Is your world filled with lack, and others have plenty? Shift happens, and it can happen to you.

You won't want to miss these actionable teachings

The benefits of this program include a pathway to activating wealth, and a sense of accomplishment in almost any area of life. Through the self-hypnosis sessions included in these videos, you will enhance your own abilities and move towards success almost immediately. This program teaches you what you need to know. It teaches the behavioral strategies that seem to attract wealth. They are based on metaphysical laws, behavioral strategies and actionable strategies.

Here is what is in the full four-part 90 minute program:

  • How to stake your claim to wealth
  • How to actually use the Law of Attraction with empowerment
  • What rich people do that poor people often don't
  • The seven "lacks" most people have, and how to fill them with abundance
  • Three actual guided hypnosis sessions for activating a mindset of wealth
  • Solid techniques for stepping into a new chapter of life
  • How to delete fear and be confident

And many other strategies and techniques you will need to know to transform into success...

Dr. Richard Nongard is Your Teacher

Dr. Richard Nongard is an entrepreneur, a popular author of numerous books, and a business executive with practical experience and training. You are learning from an expert.

  • Dr. Richard Nongard

    Dr. Nongard built his first business doing magic and balloon animals at private parties as a teenager. He has built a successful private practice as a licensed therapist and professional hypnotist. His online training programs have been sold worldwide. He has even owned restaurants, and built success in both the online and brick and mortar business worlds.  He holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from Liberty University and an accredited Doctorate in Cultural Transformation from Bakke Graduate University.

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